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Whether we paint images with a brush or write words with a pen we create pictures in our minds, visions of what we perceive. People are naturally visual, drawn to the distinctive, the beautiful, the creative, to what inspires our minds. We decorate our environment with images that please and enhance our daily experience.

At Image-In we try to create unique graphical experiences, designed to be please your eye, inspire to the mind, and stimulate the soul. We listen to what you want to see and experience and we create accordingly. No matter what the end product is; artwork, magazine ad, web site, poster or packaging, we strive to be original and innovative in our designs.

Think about it…we do!

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Image-In: +1 (540) 338-2221



Loudoun Arts Council Member



"vi·su·al (v¹zh"›-…l) adj. Abbr. vis. 1. Of or relating to the sense of sight. 2. Seen or able to be seen by the eye; visible. 3. Optical. 4. Done, maintained, or executed by sight only. 5. Having the nature of or producing an image in the mind. 6. Of or relating to a method of instruction involving sight. --vi·su·al n. A picture, chart, or other presentation that appeals to the sense of sight, used in promotion or for illustration or narration. Often used in the plural."


If you want to display our artwork in your gallery, store, or website? Please contact us at: Generous commissions are available.

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